Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Are you your most effective communicator? Presentation and Communication Coaching can help.

I offer Presentation Coaching, Presentation Writing and Communications Coaching and Training for individuals and groups. Although each program is made to order, I can offer  some general ideas for particular industries.  I am happy to brainstorm with you to design a program to meet your unique communications needs.

Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching covers creation and/or delivery of all sorts of communications including PowerPoint Presentations, demonstrations, corporate videos, interviews and more.

Clients often say they feel relieved after working with me on their content. Their mass of complicated information becomes a simple story they can tell naturally and with conviction.

When working on delivery, we capitalize on their personalities and natural strengths; we focus on speaking authentically and with passion rather than performing. Clients start to build confidence and let go of nervousness. Read more

Presentation Writing Training and Writing Services

Presentation Writing Coaching can help you prepare for particular high-stakes presentations or generallly improve your presentation writing skills. I offer all levels of involvement on presentation writing from training you on what to include and how to write it, to editing your copy, to writing it with you or even writing it for you.

Clients who used to dread writing presentations find it much less daunting when given a simple outline of what to include and how to put it together. Read more

Communication Coaching

Communications Coaching is designed to help you with your oral and written communications including in-person interpersonal communications, emails, phone calls and written documents.

Clients are relieved to have someone hear and understand the sticky communications situations they face. We analyze the issues and define simple steps to follow. Difficult communications become easier. Clients who had felt encumbered now feel freer to communicate. Read more. 

Suggested Plans

You may wonder how I would work with you or your organization. Here are some suggested plans by industry:


  • "Kayla is not only a compassionate coach, she is a true partner. She is by the client’s side and if needed, provides excellent writing and editing support to ensure that the speaker’s message really resonates with the audience." Michael Trese, (former) Vice President, Communications, L’Oreal Paris

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