My Approach

I coach with levity and humor, model natural behaviors, give accessible every-day examples and make the process as casual and fun as possible, all the while upholding the professional requirements of the situation and task.

I believe in a “soft sell” approach to communications yet I am also direct and rigorous in my coaching. And with my spirited, energetic and charismatic style, clients never complain of being bored.

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  • "I highly recommend Kayla as a presentation coach. She's wonderful: personable, patient, dedicated, funny. As a plus, she keeps in touch even years later, sending useful tips and inspirational points for public speakers." Jena Pincott (Science Writer, Author)
  • “I have had the pleasure of retaining Kayla Schwartz as a Presentation Coach for my clients and I was so impressed by her caring and insightful technique that I am now a client myself." Michael Trese (former Vice President, Communications, L’Oreal Paris)

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