Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

Basic Communications skills are crucial for success in business, love and life!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do people say you need to get to the point sooner?
  • Are you frequently misunderstood in person, by email or on the phone?
  • Do you dread giving or receiving feedback and criticism?
  • Do you have trouble getting what you are asking for?
  • Are you scared to speak up at meetings?
  • Do you feel more confident inside than you project to your colleagues?
  • Do you feel unconfident yet want to communicate more confidently?

Basic Communications skills are crucial for success in business, love and life! Usually, they serve us fine, but occasionally we encounter situations that give us trouble.

Communications coaching will help you communicate in the work environment, at home and with friends. We will carefully assess your strengths and look at problem areas. Through coaching, modeling, practice and feedback, you’ll gain confidence and expertise in the areas you want to develop.

Communications Coaching Outcomes:

  • Create a concise and specific message, no matter what the medium.
  • Ask for what you want in a way that is not off-putting
  • Give and receive feedback and criticism
  • Exude executive presence
  • Communicate confidently with direct reports and supervisors
  • Organize your ideas for meetings
  • Be prepared to respond to questions and engage in discussions in meetings
  • Know when to speak up and how to lead a conversation
  • Learn the benefits of “Storytelling” and using examples
  • Defuse anger in the professional setting – yours and theirs

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  • “It’s so hard going from Designer to Director. Suddenly I have to tell everyone what to do and don’t know how.”
  • "Kayla combines experience and creativity to assist her clients in both communicating and presenting to their audiences. She is exceptional in her performance. I highly recommend Kayla.” Maryann Kraker VP North American Wholesale, Coach

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