Presentation Coaching

“When I noticed how I connected with people in real life and I brought that to the presentation setting, it made all the difference!”

Does This Describe You?

  • Do you dread preparing for a presentation or high-stakes communication?
  • Are you nervous or even terrified in front of an audience?
  • Do you find it hard to organize your information into a cohesive, interesting and powerful communication?
  • Are you thrown off by Q and A and interviews?
  • Do you have trouble conveying technical material to non-technical audiences so they understand and are not bored?
  • Are you a non-native English speaker who feels anxious speaking before American audiences?

Presentation Coaching can help you overcome these challenges. After identifying your personal stumbling blocks I will guide you through the simple elements of an effective presentation. We simplify and de-mystify the two components of the presentation: Content and Delivery. You will leave with the presentation writing and delivery skills to make your next presentation manageable and even enjoyable!

Content Preparation


Content Preparation

Create powerful, targeted and enjoyable content.

You will learn a simple step-by step method to create powerful, targeted and enjoyable content. Read more about content.



Presentation Delivery

Be compelling, be convincing, be... you!

Learn to deliver you presentation so you are the most compelling, the most convincing, the most…you! Read more about delivery.

Audience Connection

Audience Connection

Connect with your audience on a human level.

You will begin to treat a presentation setting much like you would a one-on-one conversation. You connect with your audience on a human level, listen to them as they listen to you, solicit interaction with them — whether spoken or unspoken — and create a mutually supportive environment. The ability to connect is key to an effective presentation.


Presentation Anxiety

Discover what is making you nervous.

You will discover what’s making you nervous and learn tools to reduce anxiety: behaviors you can practice in daily life.


You will learn to field questions: responding to the query while stating your desired message.



  • “I highly recommend Kayla as a presentation coach. She’s wonderful: personable, patient, dedicated, funny. As a plus, she keeps in touch even years later, sending useful tips and inspirational points for public speakers.” Jena Pincott, Science Writer, Author
  • “I loved working with Kayla on all my conference presentations. She was helpful and supportive in every way and took great care to make sure that my presentations were effective, concise, and clear. She also helped me make complicated materials easily accessible to a wide range of audiences.

    She expects the best from everyone she works with and through her patient guidance and support, I have given many excellent presentations to peers. I credit much of my success to Kayla and recommend her highly.”
    Alina Ng Law Professor
  • “I have had the pleasure of retaining Kayla Schwartz as a Presentation Coach for my clients and I was so impressed by her caring and insightful technique that I am now a client myself.

    She provides total support for speakers to help present themselves in the most professional and authentic light. From a client’s initial speech outline to crafting a compelling story, to taking the stage, Kayla is not only a compassionate coach, she is a true partner. She is by the client’s side and if needed, provides excellent writing and editing support to ensure that the speaker’s message really resonates with the audience.

    Kayla Schwartz’ knowledge of public speaking and its “human aspect” is remarkable. She continually shares new insights and updates and I find them applicable to many areas in one’s life.”
    Michael Trese (former) Vice President, Communications, L’Oreal Paris

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