Presentation Writing Training

Presentation Writing Training

Do you dread writing your presentations?

I coach and train speakers to write their own presentations and speeches. I  advise on and edit speakers’ writing and visuals.  I frequently work with a speaker on a high-stakes communication from conception through the writing process and finally coordinating visuals and formating TelePrompter scripts when appropriate.

Do these describe you?

  • Do you dread writing your presentations?
  • Are you comfortable presenting but hate the writing process?
  • Do you have trouble determining your main point and sticking to it?
  • Do you question what to include and what’s extraneous?
  • Have you heard that your presentations are dry or dull?
  • Do you lose your audience after a few minutes?
  • Do you have too much information and not enough time to communicate it?
  • Are your presentations merely an assemblage of data?
  • Are your points great and your transitions, well…non-existent?

The presentation writing process can be daunting, yet unless you want to speak extemporaneously, it has to be done. So why not simplify the process? Know what to include and where to put it. Receive a simple outline for a “presentation that works.”

Having a step-by-step procedure to follow makes the process manageable. And you can generalize it to all sorts of communications.

The Importance of Content

The most crucial component of an effective presentation is connecting with your audience…and that starts well before you get up to speak!
The content –what you say and the words and style with which you communicate it — is crucial in reaching your audience.

Researching your audience, then choosing the right messages, supporting information, language and visuals will allow you to speak to them in a way they can understand and take in. And it will give you a much better chance of convincing them to do what you are asking of them! You will also learn to build in opportunities for interaction with the audience, which bridges the way to connecting with them during delivery.

Presentation Writing Training Curriculum:

  • Researching your audience and your topic
  • Determining your goals for the communication
  • Determining your Point of View and Main Messages
  • Determining main and secondary points
Bringing your Presentation to Life
  • Supporting information
  • Importance of the narrative
  • Storytelling
  • Making it memorable – the impact of emotions
Involving your audience
How to put it together
  • Making an outline
  • Transitions
  • Cards, notes or TelePrompter script
Visuals: enhancing the spoken message
Are you ready to learn to write your presentation.
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  • “Kayla begins with an effective framework for a successful presentation, identifies every building block of the particular presentation I’m preparing, homes in on what I’m not doing well enough yet, steers me to solutions, keeps me on schedule.” David Gold CEO, Spindle Research, Inc.

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