“Over the last eight years, I have worked with Kayla and found her to be an expert with high standards and a commitment to excellence of results. She asks concise, targeted questions and quickly adapts source material into a compelling presentation that makes the point, driving it home to the audience. Kayla is a passionate presentation coach who, as I have witnessed, adapts her style to different clients, understanding each individual’s strengths. I always look forward to working with Kayla and recommend her talents to anyone looking for a true expert and professional.”

North American Wholesale & Global Licensing
Coach, Inc.

“Kayla has a real knack for getting to the heart of a message and helping express it both rationally and emotionally for maximum effectiveness. She knows how to put a speaker at ease and get them ready to speak in high-stress situations. An hour with Kayla will make you a ‘Great Communicator.’”

Lisa Merriam
President, Merriam Associates

“Kayla was an excellent presentation coach. She not only helped me discover how to turn a long, dry presentation into a story that is interactive and interesting, but also helped me understand what it was that triggered my nervousness and gave me great suggestions on how to control it. Kayla is very unique and invests all of her energy into your success.” 

Christine Zambrana
Associate Director, Oncology Marketing

“I have had the pleasure of retaining Kayla Schwartz as a Presentation Coach for my clients and I was so impressed by her caring and insightful technique that I am now a client myself.

She provides total support for speakers to help present themselves in the most professional and authentic light. From a client’s initial speech outline to crafting a compelling story, to taking the stage, Kayla is not only a compassionate coach, she is a true partner.  She is by the client’s side and if needed, provides excellent writing and editing support to ensure that the speaker’s message really resonates with the audience.

Kayla Schwartz’ knowledge of public speaking and its “human aspect” is remarkable. She continually shares new insights and updates and I find them applicable to many areas in one’s life.”

Michael Trese
(former) Vice President, Communications, L’Oreal Paris

“Kayla created a comprehensive messaging and media training presentation package for us. She was a pleasure to work with–warm, professional and direct. The results we reached with Kayla’s guidance exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with her again.”

Katrina Dorsey
Director of Membership & Marketing
Stamford Family YMCA

“Kayla did an exceptional job helping me create a compelling presentation for a conference. She worked with me to tell my story in an original and engaging way, and brought out my authentic voice. I would recommend Kayla to anyone who wants to make a big impact with their next presentation – Kayla will truly help you stand out.”

Allison Sagraves
Financial Services Executive

“I highly recommend Kayla as a presentation coach. She’s wonderful: personable, patient, dedicated, funny. As a plus, she keeps in touch even years later, sending useful tips and inspirational points for public speakers.”

 Jena Pincott, Science Writer, Author

“Kayla begins with an effective framework for a successful presentation, identifies every building block of the particular presentation I’m preparing, homes in on what I’m not doing well enough yet, steers me to solutions, keeps me on schedule. And she never wastes time. Highly recommended.”

David Gold
CEO, Spindle Research, Inc.

“I have worked with Kayla as a speech writer and presentation coach numerous times. Her energy, enthusiasm and expertise have always made it a pleasure. Kayla is a dedicated professional and she is with you every step of the way, from first draft to actual presentation.” 

Dominic Cioffoletti
VP of Sales, North American Wholesale, Coach

“As someone who presents opinion pieces and data to large crowds, Kayla was instrumental in helping me focus and deliver the optimal speech and flow. I appreciate her time and intensity on helping me better relay my key points both in context and delivery.”

Sean Finnegan

“As a presenter I have found that every session I have had with Kayla has been rewarding and an eye opening learning experience. At a recent meeting with Kayla and with limited time to expend, Kayla’s intuitive ingenuity enhanced my presentation by suggesting improvements that went over quite well at an Insurance conference in Miami where I recently presented. 
Kayla is an outstanding and excellent coach. I am highly impressed with her approach, skills and style and I highly recommend her to those needing that level of expertise.”

A.Bertram Allen
Founder, Police Combative Solutions, LLC

“I have collaborated with Kayla, as a consultant, for me at Coach. Kayla is focused on strengthening communications skills and techniques which she uniquely tailors for each client. Kayla brings an enormous level of expertise as well as enthusiasm to each project. Kayla combines experience and creativity to assist her clients in both communicating and presenting to their audiences. She is exceptional in her performance. I highly recommend Kayla.”

Maryann Kraker
VP North American Wholesale, Coach

“Kayla was and continues to be a huge asset to me in helping me communicate with my constituency especially when I tend to be too technical when speaking. She has made it possible for me to more effectively convey my points of concern and interest. I recommend Kayla highly to anyone who needs help in communicating and/or presenting to a large group of people.”

Tino Gagliardi
President at The Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM

“Kayla is a true professional, whose training and experience as a speaking coach helped me to bring clarity to my message, showing me how to put my thoughts into an orderly fashion for delivery, giving me the confidence to speak from the heart, rather than like a canned speech being read from a teleprompter. As important, she taught me how to project my voice and myself, how to stand, use my hands and feel comfortable with myself. I would heartily recommend her to any professional who may be great at their game and in a one-to-one situation, but who need that special touch when addressing others in a larger arena.”

Una Cote
President & CEO at uc, THE SOURCE, Inc.

“I loved working with Kayla on all my conference presentations. She was helpful and supportive in every way and took great care to make sure that my presentations were effective, concise, and clear. She also helped me make complicated materials easily accessible to a wide range of audiences. She expects the best from everyone she works with and through her patient guidance and support, I have given many excellent presentations to peers. I credit much of my success to Kayla and recommend her highly.”

Alina Ng
Law Professor

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