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Kayla Schwartz

What I Offer: I offer individual coaching and group training for specific events and for general skills. I teach presentation delivery, presentation writing and communications skills. Since I create each curriculum to meet the unique needs of the client, you will never receive any “canned” instruction.

I frequently work with a speaker on a high-stakes communication from start to finish: from conception, through the writing process, to advising on and overseeing production of visuals, eventually coaching on delivery and even hand-holding at the event. I am based in New York City, but will travel or coach remotely by phone or video. I also speak and can coach in French. Read More  >>

My Philosophy

I believe the most effective communication depends upon creating a connection with one’s audience in both content and delivery, and I live that principle in my presentation coaching practice.

By creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance and encouraging clients to stretch themselves, I help them speak authentically, conveying the passion they feel for their topic. With presentation skills coaching, they feel more confident with their material and more comfortable being themselves before a group.

I coach with levity and humor, model natural behaviors, give accessible every-day examples and make the process as casual and fun as possible, all the while upholding the professional requirements of the situation and task.

I believe in a “soft sell” approach to communications yet I am also direct and rigorous in my presentation coaching. And with my spirited, energetic and charismatic style, clients never complain of being bored.

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  • "As someone who presents opinion pieces and data to large crowds, Kayla was instrumental in helping me focus and deliver the optimal speech and flow. I appreciate her time and intensity on helping me better relay my key points both in context and delivery." Sean Finnegan
  • "Kayla has a real knack for getting to the heart of a message and helping express it both rationally and emotionally for maximum effectiveness. She knows how to put a speaker at ease and get them ready to speak in high-stress situations. An hour with Kayla will make you a ‘Great Communicator." Lisa Merriam, President, Merriam Associates
  • "Kayla was an excellent presentation coach. She not only helped me discover how to turn a long, dry presentation into a story that is interactive and interesting, but also helped me understand what it was that triggered my nervousness and gave me great suggestions on how to control it. Kayla is very unique and invests all of her energy into your success." Christine Zambrana, Associate Director, Oncology Marketing

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